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Platform Engineering Weekly #1: Lift Off 🚀

Hello there 👋🏼 I am Romaric, your host for this new weekly newsletter. The goal? Sharing with you the best content around Platform Engineering.

"Platform engineering is the discipline of building tooling and infrastructure that enables engineering teams to be self-sufficient while working faster and more efficiently." - Jon Stevens @ Weave

I can't tell you how excited I am to grow the Platform Engineering community — having in-depth discussions about DevOps and how to help developers to be more autonomous and productive.

Enjoy this week's notable articles.


Platform Engineering

What is platform engineering?
Platform engineering is the discipline of designing and building toolchains and workflows that enable self-service capabilities for software engineering organizations in the cloud-native era. Platform engineers provide an integrated product most often referred to as an “Internal Developer Platform”…
It's a must-read article if you want to understand better what is Platform Engineering
Special mention to Platform Engineering - an excellent community gathering more than 5000 Platform Engineers and providing excellent educational content. Join the community now!
Is Platform Engineering the New DevOps or SRE?
Here you will find a range of resources about platform engineering, what it is, and why it matters to cloud-native engineering organizations
The State of Platform Engineering at Weave - Weave Engineering
The journey from a small startup to world-class Platform Engineering team.
Excellent article from Jon Stevens explaining how they ended up building a Platform Engineering team
Ephemeral Environments: Explained, Benefits, and How to Get Started?
Ephemeral environments are getting popular among companies that need to scale their business efficiently. Traditionally, the deployment…


No one should write Terraform
Reflecting upon zwischenzugs insightful and thought provoking article “Who should write the Terraform?”, the TL;DR conclusion I’ve come to…


Citus 11 for Postgres goes fully open source, with query from any node
Release blog post for Citus 11, which is now fully open source and includes the non-blocking shard rebalancer. Citus 11 also includes automatic schema and metadata syncing across nodes, enabling you to query from any node if your app needs that type of high query throughput.
Load testing for engineering teams | Grafana k6
k6 is an open-source tool and cloud service that makes load testing easy for developers and QA engineers.