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Platform Engineering Weekly #8

Hello there 👋🏼 I am Romaric, your host for this weekly newsletter. The goal? Sharing with you the best content around Platform Engineering.

Platform engineering is the discipline of building tooling and infrastructure that enables engineering teams to be self-sufficient while working faster and more efficiently

I can't tell you how excited I am to grow the Platform Engineering community — having in-depth discussions about DevOps and how to help developers to be more autonomous and productive.

Enjoy this week's notable articles.


Here is the best Platform Engineering content of the week

Top Videos

Nana talks about Platform Engineering
Concise explanation of what's Platform Engineering

Top Articles

What Drives Adoption of Internal Developer Tools?
Keys to success for platform teams and leaders.
DORA Metrics: How to Measure Software Delivery Performance | LeanIX
What are DORA metrics and why do we need them? Find out how to measure DORA metrics and improve DevOps performance.
Crossplane: Why it Didn’t Work for Us | Masterpoint Consulting
We investigated Crossplane at a deep level and found it wasn’t for us. Read on to learn about our investigation and the issues we found.

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