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Platform Engineering Weekly #5: From DevOps To Platform Engineer

Hello there 👋🏼 I am Romaric, your host for this weekly newsletter. The goal? Sharing with you the best content around Platform Engineering.

"Platform engineering is the discipline of building tooling and infrastructure that enables engineering teams to be self-sufficient while working faster and more efficiently." - Jon Stevens @ Weave

I can't tell you how excited I am to grow the Platform Engineering community — having in-depth discussions about DevOps and how to help developers to be more autonomous and productive.

Enjoy this week's notable articles.


Platform Engineering

From DevOps to Platform Engineer: 6 Things You Should Consider
We are in 2022, Platform Engineering is a fast-emerging concept at the intersection of DevOps and SRE, where the goal is to make developers from organizations to be completely autonomous in provisioning new applications and environments. All of that without requiring one to be an infrastructure expe…
Article Explaining how to become a proficient Platform Engineer
Your Platform Org needs a purpose. Here’s how to find it.
Recently I’ve had a number of conversations with leaders in other companies that are considering building some kind of Platform Engineering…
Designing Golden Paths
How Platform Engineering Differ from DevOps and SRE
Platform engineering is the next stage of evolution. Like DevOps, it enables developer self-service. Like SRE, it reduces errors and…
The 10 Platform Engineering Tools To Use in 2022
A few weeks ago, we wrote a great article about Platform Engineering and how to get started; well, now that you know much more about it…
ArgoCon Community Learnings from the Adobe IDP Workshop
How we came together with community thought leaders on making IDP a reality, based on Argo and other open-source projects.


Why We Don’t Need a DevOps Team
Recently we retired the word DevOps, both as a team name and a job title at SEEK. We realised that having a DevOps team made no sense to us…
How Kubefirst Builds Kubernetes Platforms in 8 Steps
One of the few challenges that remains for Kubernetes is how to efficiently get started. Learn about the first steps to take when implementing Kubernetes for your organization.

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